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By Julie Quiroz

For the Islamophobia Working Group, University of Michigan

You sing the Quran

to the open sky

48 hours after a white man

slaughtered your people

as they prayed

You sing the Quran

into a microphone

your power amplifies

sacred notes


across millennia

of mothers

and fathers

and children

You sing the Quran

on the steps of a library

where students stopped a war

defunded apartheid

launched a strike that pried open doors

for black and brown children

the university never meant to let in

You sing the Quran

on Anishinaabe ancestral land

where families fought murderous white invaders

indigenous people holding ground to this day

with songs they refuse to forget

languages born of reverence

seeds that hold the future

powerful vision rising now

against all odds

Against all odds

you sing the Quran

to the open sky

You sing

the Quran

to the open sky

May we all listen

May we all sing

May we all be so brave


Julie Quiroz lives in Michigan where she is a founding member of the Untold Stories of Liberation & Love women of color poetry collective. In her day job Julie is Director of Narrative Future with Movement Strategy Center. Julie is currently gathering her poems into a collection called "The Poetry of Small Choices."  For a glimpse of her childhood check out her story American Residence.

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