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This is an ongoing collection of art and photography. If you would like to submit original work for possible inclusion please see guidelines here.

Alonzo "Zochi" Young - Artist Statement

It is my hope that my work assists in the healing of our communities and brings positive transformative change into the world. That in some small way it can free the sleeping mind and inspire something more, something greater than ourselves. 


A long, long time ago, while I was in high school, I was told the artist has a major responsibility and role to play in creating change. It is the artist’s responsibility to reflect to the people who they are, when there are no images that speak to their greatness. The artist must speak to our spirits and open our hearts, illustrating possibility and celebrating life and love. 


These images are a tribute to those who have come before us, and to those who continue the struggle to heal and transform themselves to a greater self.  It is important to remember and celebrate the Ancestors so we can find their presence in our lives, and so those who follow us into to the future will have a good road and support for their travels no matter what challenges they may face. May these images provide an open window allowing you to breathe and re-discover your gifts.

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Tupili Lea Arellano  *  Two Spirit Urban Medicine

Altares del Corazón / Altars of the Heart

I am a Two Spirit LGBTQ Indigenous elder, and a lifelong scholar of the sacred. These photographs are a community service I provide on Facebook, posting sacred images to uplift and to soothe members of my human spiritual familia. I have been building altars large and small since I was a child. My grandmothers, my tias, my mother all had altars. I have built altars for huge and small ceremonies – with help of course. They are a place to create beauty and focus, to commune with source, spirits and ancestors. Two Spirit Urban Medicine is available to help you create altars and ceremonies. I can be reached at 510 410 6353.

(Click images for title and information. Artist photo and bio in final gallery image. )

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